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Pure Life Designs™

In an ideal environment, we feel inspired, at peace and mentally clear. An ideal environment beckons abundant opportunities. It greets us with beauty... comfort... serenity... and safety...the four components of quality of life.

BridgeA tailored made setting nurtures community on the most intimate level.

Pure Life Designs is passionate about creating environments that inspire and foster well being.

Tera and her design associates are dedicated to creating spaces which both define and reflect your individuality. Through thoughtful and efficient design and decorating techniques, we will help you create an environment –that is both appealing and functional--so that harmony permeates every aspect of your life.

Here at Pure Life Designs, it is our joy to work with clients in all stages of design and placement.

We offer a range of design consulting services. This includes property analysis, architectural plan reviews, building and design evaluations, real estate recommendations, ecological stewardship, material selection, furniture placement, and comprehensive Feng Shui consultations.

No matter what stage of improvement you are in, we can help you improve and enhance your current situation.

Application of our services include:

  • Luxury yacht design
  • Office rejuvenation
  • Kitchen and bath renovation
  • Personal sanctuaries
  • Patio conversions
  • Yoga studios
  • Playrooms
  • Landscape design
  • Labyrinth creation
  • Garden installation
  • Outdoor dining spaces
  • The yet to be imagined


A Look at Feng Shui

The Philosophy of Feng Shui originated in ancient China and has been successfully practiced as an art and a science for over 5000 years.

RoomThere are many different schools of Feng Shui, some more esoteric than others. I will be drawing on balancing techniques taken from Form School Feng Shui. These environmental design techniques are simple, logical and extremely useful.

The words Feng Shui translate literally as wind and water. The first practitioners were brought in to survey land for the emperors of the time, locating ideal building sites that were safely embraced between the extremes of wind and water. They studied the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water, found in nature, and noticed a synergistic effect when all of these elements were present. They observed that when good building placement was considered, harmony, safety and success followed. Pure Nature has a lot to teach us. We all know that when we are on top of a mountain, there is too much wind and when we are too far below sea level, there is danger of too much water. The laws of Feng Shui advocate the moderation of extremes, as well as a balance of the five elements-- so that we may live in harmony with nature and the ones we love.

Pure Life Designs considers these ancient principles of design to be extremely useful. By applying this wisdom taken from nature, we can restore harmony and comfort to our daily experience, leaving us energized refreshed and inspired. At Pure Life Designs, our goal is to encourage the application of these time-honored principles, great design and personal expression.

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Chi is the vital energy of life

Also known as the breath of life, chi illuminates, sustains and animates all forms. It is the energy source that binds the seen with the unseen, the glue which keeps an environment healthy. Chi is governed by three important principles. Everything is alive. Everything is connected. Everything is changing.

+ Everything is Alive with Chi
ChiScience has proven that at the molecular level, everything is alive. In Feng Shui we fully honor this truth. We recognize that our possessions are alive with a memory, an association and a personal history. When an effort is made to stay current with our belongings – to acknowledge their active role in our lives – we revitalize and empower our lives in every way!

+ Everything is Connected by Chi
We are energetically connected to everything in our world. This means that EVERYTHING – our health, family, possessions, home, career, relationships, community and the beautiful planet on which we live – is interconnected. When we approach life from this perspective, we respect every area of our lives as meaningful, nurturing respect and kindness in all that we do.

+ Everything is Continuously Changing
The cycle of life, by its nature, requires change at every moment. We have only to look at the moon, the tides and the seasons to see continuous change and to feel that we are in constant motion. In Feng Shui, we welcome and embrace this transformation. Acknowledging that change is inevitable allows us to experiment, to do what feels right now and to edit when things feel awkward and imbalanced. When change is fully embraced and honored, creative expression follows and we experience a heightened awareness of our environment. In such a state, we can fully appreciate and benefit from our surroundings.

When we acknowledge that everything is alive, connective and continuously changing, we naturally create balance and harmony in our lives. This positive energy then ripples out in all directions, improving relationships, sustaining great health, increasing professional success and making life richer in every way.
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